ECE 8803 Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications

Dr. Locquet has developed the ECE 8803 Special Topics Course "Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications", which is typically taught every Spring term at GT-Lorraine. The syllabus can be found here:

ECE 8903 Special Problems

We also offer offer ECE 8903 "Special Problems" on topics related to our research activities. Interested students should stop by Dr. Locquet's office (206)
or email him: alocquet at georgiatech-metz dot fr.
Useful Links:

Spring 2021 "Laser Chaos" Special Problem

ECE 8903 Special Problem Approval Form
ECE Graduate Handbook

Undergraduate Research or Internships

If you are interested in undergraduate research, or in an internship, please email Dr. Locquet: alexandre at gatech dot edu
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ECE Undergraduate Research Form